September 17, 2011

Colin Hay – Overkill

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Great song about life. The appearance of Colin Hay in season two „My Overkill“ of scrubs made it a haunting melody for me.

April 22, 2011

Typo3 routing

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You are creating a site with typo3? You have no intention to have multiple domains even in future? You have no intention of using extensions? Just use the core extension SimulateStaticDocuments and enable it in your typoscript template with:

config.simulateStaticDocuments = 1

It works fine.
But seriously you do not want to do that!


The standard configuration is just as simple as I describe it on my site.
Now do not be silly to expect it to take over the routes of your self made extension. Extensions like tt_news have documentation how to configure RealUrl properly.
If an extension has no preparation for the routes with RealUrl it is just a shit extension do not blame Typo3 for this.

April 9, 2011

Wingsuit proximity flying in Switzerland and Norway

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For more go to or visit his youtube channel.

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April 1, 2011


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März 27, 2011

Little Marbles Köket

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Springer Ringer Gammler; Massenwelle; Sommer Sommer; Schöne Birne; Motten Jacket. Der Sommersong vom Jahr 2010.

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März 19, 2011

Typo3 URI problem

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What is the synopsis?
I used mc_googlesitemap (version 0.4.2; which seemed buggy). Google Webmaster Tools accepted the URI in the sitemap. I quick fixed the problem in the extension mc_googlesitemap (URI still persists in google site search).

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März 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen Says He is Not Bipolar but Bi-Winning

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Good Morning America: Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Says He’s ‚Not Bipolar but ‚Bi-Winning‘ (02.28.11)

Februar 27, 2011

Animals As Leaders

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Tosin Abasi founded the solo project „Animals As Leaders“ which now includes guitarist Javier Reyes and drummer Navene Koperweis. With the amazing EMG, a eight string guitar, he makes a absolute brilliant performance. The genre is somewhere between experimental progressive metal and fusion jazz.

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Februar 13, 2011

Egyptian Revolution Jan 25, 2011

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Those who make peaceful revolution revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. – JFK


Januar 21, 2011

Prejudices and the Chaos Computer Club

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by Christian Hotz-Behofsits

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