Oktober 29, 2010

Guy carves pumpkin with gun

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μολὼν λαβέ or molōn labe. But why? You can make such beautiful things with weapons.

Oktober 27, 2010

For The Love of God Steve Vai

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One of my most favourite guitarists of all times.

We may be human but we are still animals.

The Annoying Orange

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Really great!

Angel Beats ED FULL Brave song

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Very nice song nicely sung.

けいおん!! K-ON!! Orginal. No,Thank You 【FULL Soundtrack】

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Nice new metal song I do not know about the singer. I guess the singing kind of sucks but I would not say it is a FAIL.

Ronald Jenkees – Guitar Sound

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Nicely done with a synthesiser. Great effects with distortion and echo.

Oktober 24, 2010

Novoroční ohňostroj 2010 (Praha)

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With 28 images I took I thought it was nice to make an animated gif of the Prague New Year firework January 1st 2010 at 6 pm from the „Střelecký ostrov“.

Cubemap to Angularmap – niabot

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Niabot found it hard to create Angular Maps for the backgrounds in Blender. So he wrote a little programme in Java that can convert Environmentmaps (also called Cubemaps) to an Angular Map.

believe make follow

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What a dickhead. He hit his head so many times he can not remember:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Make a plan of action
  • Follow through with it

Oktober 23, 2010

Ernährungsideologien sind eine moderne Form der Kindsmisshandlung – sonntagszeitung.ch

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Sehr schönes Interview von Stephanie Riedi mit Udo Pollmer bei der sonntagszeitung.ch mit dem Untertitel »Ernährungsexperte Udo Pollmer über Diäten, natürliche Kreisläufe und Metzger als Mörder von Kuscheltieren« (Ich empfehle die Schriftgröße erheblich hochzusetzen, weil man das sonst nicht lesen kann). Wer aber ist der Interviewte?

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