Draw with Me

It’s about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass.

Story and Animation: Mike Inel (mikeinel.deviantart.com)
Music and Sound: Daniel James (HybridTwo: hybridtwo.com)
Inspiration: A friend before

Since the original was using a copyrighted music, Mike Inel commissioned Daniel James (from HybridTwo) a track for this.

In this newer version, Mike Inel decided to add/improve a few things. They’re not so noticeable, but Mike Inel feels much more content with them.
There are those that are left unedited, but Mike Inel feels like it’s best to leave it that way.


Download Video: mikeinel.deviantart.com
Download Music: mediafire.com

Author’s Note:
Thank you everyone for giving the original ‚Draw with Me‘ a million views!
I’m sorry i’m not able to reply to all of the messages, because there are so much of them and I am pretty busy with work and other needs.

Everyone is permitted to reupload the video (perhaps edited to however your kick desires) anywhere, as long as you won’t claim you own/made it, and credits both to me and Daniel James (if his music is still in use) are present…


Pelíšky (English: Cosy Dens) is a 1999 Czech film directed by Jan Hřebejk. It is loosely based on the novel Hovno Hoří (Czech: „Flaming Feces“) by Petr Šabach.

Pelíšky is a bittersweet coming-of-age story set in the months leading up to the ill-fated 1968 Prague Spring. Teenager Michal Šebek (Michael Beran) develops a crush on his neighbor, Jindřiška Krausová (Kristýna Nováková). Michal’s family is headed by a stubborn army officer who believes that the latest East German Tupperware will sufficiently shame those American imperialists, while Jindřiška’s father is an ardent foe of the Communists saved from prison only because he is a war hero. Much to the parents‘ dismay, the younger generation couldn’t care less for politics. Instead, Michal sports a Beatles mop-top and runs a local film group specialising in Hollywood and pre-war French films, while Jindřiška starts hanging out with a mysterious hipster.


Cubemap to Angularmap – niabot

Niabot found it hard to create Angular Maps for the backgrounds in Blender. So he wrote a little programme in Java that can convert Environmentmaps (also called Cubemaps) to an Angular Map.

Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 7D Field Test Hands-on Review

I am easily smitten with Canon EOS 5D Mark II (google product search). But maybe it would pay of to wait for the Mark III?

Currently I use this equipment and I am extremely satisfied. I know the saying „A poor craftsman always blames his tools.“ but on the other hand we all know the tools changed in the past decade and good new technological tools perform extremely well. Just try to upload a 4 MB image on C-64.