Face to Face – Julian Assange

This video Face to Face with [[Julian Assange]] dated 04-11-2010 (I guess should be 2010-04-11) on Wikileaks (part 1) 51.641 views and (part 2) 7.433 views seems to be a very nice insight to the way Julian thinks.

First of all Julian goes into the 38 minutes Video taken from the gunsite of the lead apache helicopter called „crazy horse“. He describes the scene summarising the events involving people of [[Reuters]] getting shot and even killed.

Julian in my opinion argues only rationally very few emotional arguments arise. I just wonder why so few people watched the two videos.

In my opinion Julians comparison to video games might not be very helpful. I do not actually play computer games but I do not expect people that play video games to be potential killers. Actually what Julian says is: if you want to kill people go to the American army an as long as you stick to the rules you will be fine.

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