Typo3 routing

You are creating a site with typo3? You have no intention to have multiple domains even in future? You have no intention of using extensions? Just use the core extension SimulateStaticDocuments and enable it in your typoscript template with:

config.simulateStaticDocuments = 1

It works fine.
But seriously you do not want to do that!


The standard configuration is just as simple as I describe it on my site.
Now do not be silly to expect it to take over the routes of your self made extension. Extensions like tt_news have documentation how to configure RealUrl properly.
If an extension has no preparation for the routes with RealUrl it is just a shit extension do not blame Typo3 for this.

TYPO3 4.3 deprecated methods

Upgrading to TYPO3 4.3 causes typo3 to write every call to a deprecated method to a file called deprecation_XXXXXXXXXX.log in the typo3conf folder. This kind of sucks and the file gets quite long. I found that main cause for this annoying behaviour are two function calls from extensions: »makeInstanceClassName« and »GPvar«. Either you upgrade all your extensions hoping the upgrade fixes the Problem or just perform the following in your ext folder. Make sure you backup all your extensions before you just copy paste!

grep -rl makeInstanceClassName * | grep ‚\.php$‘ | grep -v ‚/\.svn/‘ | xargs sed -i -e „s/makeInstanceClassName/makeInstance/g“
grep -rl GPvar * | grep ‚\.php$‘ | grep -v ‚/\.svn/‘ | xargs sed -i -e „s/GPvar/_GP/g“

If you want to make sure not to break anything just dry run the following two lines and read the output before you perform the two lines mentioned above:

grep -r makeInstanceClassName * | grep ‚\.php$‘ | grep -v ‚/\.svn/‘
grep -r GPvar * | grep ‚\.php$‘ | grep -v ‚/\.svn/‘